OEM Recordings LLC is an independent record label and artist management / promotion company based out of South Plainfield, NJ. We enjoy all genres of music and are always on the lookout for independent artists with a strong DIY ethic and a desire to connect with a larger audience.

There is an unbelievable amount of musical talent in NJ and the Northeast.  Our goal is to partner with these artists and help them get to the next level in their careers. 

We partner with artists in multiple aspects of the business, including: Recording / mixing / mastering, Graphic design, Production and distribution of physical product, College radio "distribution" (getting on playlists), Merchandise design, production and sales, Lining up gigs for artists, Working with venues to produce shows, Band photography, PA / Live sound engineering.

We know that we are in a new digital age of MP3's and streaming but, for us, nothing beats holding a CD / LP / cassette in our hands, admiring the artwork and poring over the liner notes while listening to the songs.

We are also firm supporters of independent record stores and local music venues.  Our hope is get music fans back into the record stores in search of new songs from new talent and back into the concert halls to experience music the best way possible: live and in person.

Enjoy the music!

- Ron